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Dow drops 600 points — tech shares like Alphabet and Amazon get pummeled


Just days after Barbara Bush dies, ‘Elder George Bush hospitalized with blood infection, responding to treatment.’


I am not so sure I like the looks of this… ‘A testimony to our enduring friendship’: Trump and France’s Macron grasp each other’s hands as they tout their blossoming relationship with at a grand White House welcome ceremony’

A “Blossoming Relationship.”  An interesting choice of words, as “Vernon” is a surname, from a masculine name that is derived from a Gaul word “vern”  for Alder tree (also springlike, flourishing, or full of life).  “Gaul (Latin: Gallia) was a region of Western Europe during the Iron Age that was inhabited by Celtic tribes, encompassing present day France, and other European Nations.

Gaul is pronounced like the English word “gall.” So one could jest, “The gall/gaul… They took to the Macron’s to Mount Vernon?”

Not your typical double date! The Trumps and Macrons dine out at historic Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon was the plantation house of George Washington, the first President of the United States, and his wife, Martha Dandridge Custis Washington. The estate is situated on the banks of the Potomac River in Fairfax County, Virginia, near Alexandria, across from Prince George’s County, Maryland.  –(source: Wikipedia)

Merely 6 days prior (7 days inclusive), news broke that 7 students of  a Prince George County’s Elementary School had slit their wrists, where hand-held pencil sharpeners were eventually banned.


The Bro-mance continues:  Trump wipes ‘dandruff’ off Macron’s shoulder’

“They’re all saying what a great relationship we have, and they’re actually correct. It’s not fake news. Finally, it’s not fake news. It’s a great honor, a great honor that you’re here, in fact I’ll get that little piece of dandruff, that little piece,” Trump said, laughing.

“We have to make him perfect. He is perfect. So it’s really great to be with you, and you are a special friend. Thank you,” Trump said, shaking Macron’s hand.”  –(The Hill)


… Kinda reminds me of this.



Yes, sex slave cults are REAL, and another Hollywood actress just got arrested for allegedly helping run one


CIA plans to replace spies with AI


The great exodus out of America’s blue cities

“New York is the most expensive city in America. Its lower-cost neighborhoods are riddled with crime and homelessness. Its public schools, some of which are among the worst in the nation, look more like prisons than places of learning.

Eventually, city and state taxes, fees, and regulations become so burdensome that people and corporations jump ship. More people are currently fleeing New York than any other metropolitan area in the nation. More than 1 million people have moved out of New York City since 2010 in search of greener pastures, which amounts to a negative net migration rate of 4.4 percent.”  –(The Hill)



Rahm Emanuel warns Dems:  Impeachment isn’t “a political tool”  KP: How odd that ultimately, Obama’s Buddy “Emanuel” would attempt to “save” Trump… (well, for now anyways.)

Still don’t believe in the ‘left-right paradigm’?

“At an Axios event in Chicago yesterday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel told me midterm Democratic candidates are unwise to rely on the allure of impeaching President Trump as an issue in November’s races.”

  • “[Y]ou don’t just treat … the policy standard of impeachment … as a political tool. It’s a constitutional standard and, when that standard has been met, we’ll know about it. … This is a case where the best politics is good policy.” –Rahm Emanuel (source: Axios)



An example of REAL RACISM‘People Are Very, Very Nervous’: Community Leaders In Brooklyn Warn Of Increased Bias Attacks Against Jews

(KP:  Seriously.  EVERYTHING is flippin’ racist these days… And I swear, if I hear “micro-aggression” or “cultural appropriation” one more time today…



Update:  Suspect from Illinois charged in Tennessee Waffle House shooting

The 29 year old man shooter, Travis Reinking, has been apprehended.  Now his father is potentially facing charges.

“In July of 2017 Reinking was arrested by the Secret Service for trespassing near the White House. His four firearms were turned over to his father, who police say later gave all of them back to his son, including the rifle he’s accused of using to gun down his victims.

Tuesday morning, federal investigators are looking at his father, and asking whether or not he could face charges.

Reinking is from Morton, Illinois. The state’s attorney downstate says it does not have enough information yet to determine if Jeffrey Reinking, the suspect’s father, committed a criminal offense. They will wait for the FBI to decide.”  –(ABC7-Chicago)





Hooligans and Hooli-gals:  ‘The rise of Russia’s neo-Nazi football hooligans,’  andFEMMES FATALES Russian ‘hooli-girls’ train in mass brawls as they prepare to attack England fans at World Cup 2018′


‘Bin Laden bodyguard’ on German welfare  (KP: Well, how ’bout them apples?)

A Tunisian man who once allegedly protected Osama Bin Laden has lived in Germany since 1997 and gets €1,168 (£1,022) a month in welfare payments.  –(BBC)


The dumbest idea I have heard this year… bar none:British Politicians Declare War on Knives’

As I said before…

Take away the guns, they will kill with cars.
Take away the cars, they will kill with knives.
Take away the knives, they will kill with sticks.
Take away the sticks, they will kill with rocks!

Let’s place the blame where it truly belongs– Murderous, Sinful Human Nature, accompanied by Mental Health Issues and Side Effects from Pharmaceuticals.

Humanity needs to change, before murder will cease! 


UK:  Man jailed after giving middle finger to speed camera

“A driver who flipped the bird at a traffic camera is about to be a jailbird.

A court in England has sentenced Timothy Hill, 67, to eight months in prison after he was caught using an illegal laser jammer to avoid speeding tickets.

If you want to attract our attention, repeatedly gesturing at police camera vans with your middle finger while you’re driving a distinctive car fitted with a laser jammer is an excellent way to do it,” the head of traffic enforcement for North Yorkshire said after the sentencing.” –(Fox News)


Russia’s Lavrov says U.S. has no intention to leave Syria: RIA


Vladimir Putin prepares 1,000 troops and 100 aircraft to DEFEND Russia from ‘enemy attack’



ISIS of Indonesia poster targets ‘satanic’ CNN and Universal Studios, and Federal Reserve


Saudi Arabia dismisses rumours of coup attempt




Science, Technology and Health News

‘New form of DNA discovered inside living human cells’


Blood Sucking Bugs: ‘Exotic Tick Species Arrives In Garden State’

HUNTERDON COUNTY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A tiny parasite could become a big problem this year in New Jersey.
It’s an exotic tick that’s never been seen before in the United States. It was first spotted on a sheep in Hunterdon County, and efforts to wipe it out have failed.

Occi works with entomologists at Rutgers University who tested the ticks. He said steps were taken to kill them, but just a few days ago he used carbon dioxide traps and found a number of the pests survived.

That’s a problem, because like the deer ticks that spread Lyme disease, East Asian ticks have been known to spread a deadly virus called SFTS. –(CBS- New York)



Robots greet customers at world’s first personless bank branch where humanoids manage EVERYTHING

(KP: Sounds all fine and dandy– until you come into the realization that you will someday no longer be “necessary.”  If you are no longer a vital part of the workforce, how will you pay for your daily provisions?)


In new age of cyberwarfare, ‘ungoverned’ internet poses new threats to infrastructure, national security

Sounds like a potential false flag is in the works…



World News

Maverick to Maverick, Macron Seeks Common Ground With Trump (KP:  Seriously… Maverick to Maverick?!  One cannot be a maverick if they are following a Globalist Agenda.)


Mexico murder rate soars with 7,667 killed in 3 months,  KP: Interesting stats, as 2017 was still technically 5776 on the Hebraic, Sacred Creation Calendar, that starts on the Biblical Calendar of Aviv/Abib, opposed to the Civic Calendar that starts at Rosh Hashanah.  (see: 5776: A 2.5 Year Window– Is it possible that we are still in the year of 5776?’ 


TREPANATION:  Body mod fans DRILLING HOLES in heads to expand their MINDS


A prince is born: Kate, wife of UK’s Prince William, gives birth to third child

From DailyCrow.com:

Duchess Kate hospitalized in “early stages” of labor. From Annabeth: There have been 66 kings or queens that have ruled over England / UK, 6 have been queens. Therefore Elizabeth is the 66th and the 6th. Kate is 36 and this baby will be the 6th grandchild of Elizabeth who is the 66th and 6th. It bumps Prince Harry now to the 6th in line for the throne. Harry will marry next month on the 6th day of Israel’s 70th (May 19th wedding).

Iran Warns Rest Of World:  “No Plan B” On Nuke Deal, “Encourage Trump” Or “We Shred It”


US News

One Step Closer to Law:  Could a California Bill Ultimately Lead to the Banning of Bibles?


Earth Day cleanup uncovers human remains in Indiana neighborhood


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There have been two recent attacks against Orthodox Jewish men in Brooklyn.In the latest one, the victim was approached by a stranger and choked on the street, CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge reported Sunday night. –(CBS)




Alex Jones:



The Regulated States Of America:  Occupational Licensing Gone Wild 


Connecticut University Closes Monday as Norovirus Outbreak Sickens 100 Students


Local Coverage:  ‘Waffle House shooting brings day of terror to Antioch for second time’


Obama to deliver Mandela event speech in latest contrast with Trump


Yeti cuts ties with NRA Foundation, lobbyist says, sparking boycott cries for cooler company


Alabama state offices closed in observance of Confederate Memorial Day


(KP:  Sounds like the people who conducted the study may have read a Wilkerson book or two.)

‘We’re going to see Jesus,’ Houston mom sets car on fire with 3 children inside: report

Science, Technology and Health News

Contrail Chemtrail “Persistent Contrail”


From SteveQuayle.com:


h/t Daily Crow:  ‘Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence: The Scary Prospect Of AI-Enabled Terrorism’


Watch out: That new Walmart cantaloupe was developed by Monsanto


Government committee declares HPV vaccines should never be given to teenage boys … Media pursues total BLACKOUT on the story




US News

4 dead, at least 7 injured after shooting at an Antioch Waffle House

(KP:  Note that the name of this town is Antioch.  Antioch occurs 18 times in the Bible, 16 of which are in the book of Acts.  The first mention of which is in Acts 11:19 (Ἀντιοχείας). Antioch was the capitol of Syria.  This is the place where the believers in Christ as the Messiah, where first called Christians in Acts 11:26.

The depravity of this “Christian Nation” never ceases to amaze me.  Even more amazing– this wicked crime, where a naked man kills 4 and injures 7 happens in Antioch, TN, USA.)

Remember this one in recent News?  Tennessee students’ first walkout was chaos. The school tried again the next day.  “Some Antioch High School students jumped on a cop car Wednesday during what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration for action on gun laws, according to police. Others tugged down an American flag. There were even multiple fights, the school district said, and about 20 students are now facing disciplinary action, the Tennessean reports.”  (KP:  So the students broke the law… while petitioning for more laws on you and me; engaging in complete lawlessness while enjoying the benefits that a Christian Nation affords them.)


Elderly woman found pushing shopping cart with dead body


Immigration agents arrest 27 people in Omaha area during operation at multiple locations Thursday





World News

World’s oldest person, Nabi Tajima, dies in Japan at the age of 117


Dubai:  High Rise Tower Fire on 68th Floor


Macho Man
Image result for shirtless macron
Macho Man Macron (image: Garcon magazine cover)

Jason A Video: ‘Unexplained Events are Happening Worldwide!’


Archaeologists find bust of Roman emperor in Egypt

Science, Technology and Health News

Space mining set to produce world’s first TRILLIONAIRE in galactic gold rush


They just keep trying…  How TESS will hunt for alien worlds




Newly Discovered ‘Exploding Ant’ Species


NASA’s Lunar Space Station Is Almost Here


Scope of Great Barrier Reef’s massive coral bleaching alarms scientists


Diet Soda Might Still Contribute to Diabetes, Rat Study Suggests


Why the romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak affects mostly women


US News

“Every Kingdom Divided Against Itself”

Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at age 92

Barbara Bush, wife of the 41st President of the United States- George H.W. Bush  (image: Public Domain: David Valdez, White House Photo Office)


Professor blasted for calling Barbara Bush an ‘amazing racist’ who raised a ‘war criminal’


Update on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380: “Who is Tammie Jo Shults? Pilot of Southwest flight called a ‘hero’ with ‘nerves of steel'”, the former F-18 fighter pilot Tammie Jo Shults made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport, after “her Boeing 737-700 blew and broke apart at 32,000 feet on Tuesday,’ according to Reuters.

  • (144) passengers on board, crew of (5)
  • Shults is “one of the first female F-18 pilots and became an instructor before she left the Navy in 1993 and joined Southwest,” according to Reuters.
  • Article states that Shults is,  A Christian, who is married to a fellow pilot and has two children, Shults said that sitting in the captain’s chair gave her “the opportunity to witness for Christ on almost every flight.”
  • A grateful passenger, Amanda Bourman, was quoted as saying, God sent his angels to watch over us.
  • According to the Daily Mail, the crew and passengers “heard a loud ‘boom’ and the Boeing 737-700 immediately dropped, they said, by what felt like 100ft.” There was engine damage to the craft, due to “metal fatigue,” according to the NTSB.
  • A 43 year old Wells Fargo Exec, Jennifer Riordan, “was killed after she was almost sucked out of her Southwest Airlines flight window following a midair explosion.”  The window appears to have been damaged due to shrapnel from the engine explosion. Seven others were injured.
  • Another passenger, Eric Zilbert, an administrator with the California Education Department, said: ‘From her waist above, she [Riordan] was outside of the plane.’
  • Her death is the first on board fatality in Southwest’s 51 year history.

  • Daily Mail: The last time a passenger died in an accident on a U.S. airliner was 2009 when 49 people on board and one on the ground were killed [50 in total] when a Continental Express plane crashed on a house near Buffalo, New York.”
  • “Once the plane touched down on Philadelphia International Airport’s runway 27, the passengers erupted into applause and thanked the crew.” –(NBC-Philly)
  • NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt said “part of the engine covering was found in Bernville, Pennsylvania, about 70 miles west of Philadelphia.”

  • Southwest CEO, Gary Kelly, said that the plane was inspected in Dallas on Sunday and that there were “no problems.
  • “In February, a cabin fire forced Southwest passengers to deplane before their flight took off from John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, and San Jose. The fire — believed to be in the Boeing 737’s auxiliary power unit — caused the plane’s emergency chutes to deploy to evacuate 139 passengers and five crew members. [144 in total] A few minor injuries were reported, but no one was transported to hospitals.”- (NBC)  [KP:  Interesting that this Southwest Flight in Feb had 144 souls on board, and the Southwest Flight 1380 had 144 passengers aboard. Part of Flight 1380’s engine covering was found 70 miles west of Philadelphia.]


7 Prince George’s County elementary students cut wrists at school, officials say 

“The school’s first priority was identifying students who may have engaged in this activity and contacting their parents to offer support. The investigation continued through spring break and after. The parents of seven students were contacted first to offer support.”

During the investigation, messages were sent to all parents banning the use of handheld pencil sharpers as there are classroom pencil sharpeners available. The investigation has concluded. Today, a letter was sent to all parents informing them of the incidents, guidance lessons being taught in school, and counseling resources available if parents or students have concerns.”  –(statement released from Prince George to Fox5, New York)


Island-wide blackout hits Puerto Rico; officials probe cause

VIDEO: Black man demands free Starbucks coffee as ‘reparations’ — white barista immediately complies

KP:  Wow… So, because someone else (that happens to have the same color of skin as you) was not allowed to use a Starbucks bathroom… you’re now entitled to free coffee?!

Einstein had white skin, crazy hair and a propensity for Science. Quelle coïncidence! I do too.  Where’s my dang Nobel Peace Prize?  HE GOT ONE!!!

I mean, if we are entitled to things we did not earn, based on the melanin levels of one’s Basil Cell layer…




  1. 1.
    ask for or obtain (something) without paying for it.
    “a bunch of your friends will show up, mooching food”
    synonyms: beg, ask for money, borrow;

    informal: scroungebumspongecadge
  2. 2.
    loiter in a bored or listless manner.
    “he didn’t want them mooching around all day”
  1. 1.
    a beggar or scrounger.
    “the mooch who got everything from his dad”
    synonyms: beggar;

    informal: bumscroungersponger,
    cadger, freeloadermoocher



Law school dean: Disrupting free speech event was free speech


Wells Fargo Bucks The Trend: Will Not Implement Anti-Gun Policy


VIDEO:  Exposing Truth Behind Middle East War Drums- Doug Woodward & Gary Huffman


Prophetic Dream – Could Aliens Play A Role in End Times Deception?




Other U.S. News

Missing man last seen at a nightclub is found behind a wall at Archdiocese of Miami

UK Headhunter, Josh Harrison:  Unemployed & Under 25 = “Lazy little sh*ts”

‘It Smells Like Death:’ Parrish, Alabama Endures NYC ‘Poop Train’

[KP:  Has it occurred to anyone else, that our current “rail system” is a pretty good representation of American Society and what her Political, Economical and Educational Institutions  have become?  A Rotten Poop-train: falling apart, leaving one to wonder when it will all crash and derail completely.]


NYC: Panhandler Stabs Patron With Steak Knife

More NYC: “Food Fight: Girl Slugged in Head With Chef Boyardee Can During Fight at NYC Grocery Store: NYPD”


White House adviser apologizes for saying Haley was confused

The new White House economic adviser apologized Tuesday to U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley after suggesting she was suffering from “momentary confusion” when she announced over the weekend that new sanctions against Russia were imminent.

Haley had fired back at Larry Kudlow, saying, “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.” –(AP)

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s secretary of State pick, made top-secret visit to North Korea, report says

Trump appears to change tune on TPP, again


World News

Volcano ERUPTION WARNING: Tens of volcano earthquakes RUMBLING around the world

Cuba, Just Hours before a New President

Israel’s 70th Independence Day clouded by rumbling of conflict with Iran


U.S. Seeks Arab Force and Funding for Syria






World News

US News




  • Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing At Philadelphia International Airport
    • “Southwest Airlines flight 1380, which departed LaGuardia for Dallas Love Field , diverted to PHL because of an operational event. The plane landed safely. No slides were deployed,” the airline said in a statement.”“Flight attendants ran over calling for passengers to help cover the hole as they broke down and began uncontrollably crying and looking horrified as they looked outside. Plane dropped dramatically and it smelled like fire with ash coming down on everyone thru the vents. Absolutely terrifying, but we are okay,” [Marty] Martinez wrote.It is being reported that one woman was critically injured. “There was blood everywhere,” Martinez explained. –(CBS-Philly)






Science, Technology and Health News

Mysterious Gatherings of Nearly 1,400 Sharks Spotted Off Northeast Coast


Robot to run for mayor in Japan in ‘world first’ promising ‘fairness and balance’ for all residents,  [Yeah, just what I would want.  A bucket of bolts, incapable of empathy or love, running my local government.  He we learned nothing from The Terminator?]


China Gives Tesla Something It Can Use: a Pitch


Japan to trial ‘world’s first urine test’ to spot cancer


(Short Video): They Want You DRUGGED FOREVER – You HAVE to hear this!



US News

Comey Interview:  ‘Comey speculates Russians may have damaging info on Trump’


‘Starbucks coffee is anti-black’ say chanting protesters at Philadelphia Starbucks where 2 black men were arrested


Homebuilding Isn’t Keeping Up With Growth, Development Group Says

Deputies: Substitute gym teacher put ‘trash-talking’ student in choke hold


7 inmates killed in ‘mass casualty incident’ at SC prison

World News

U.S. Pastor Held in Turkey Denies Links to Terrorists


Japan to lift ban on growing human organs in animals


Royal Navy’s $1.3bn submarine was locked in a deadly game of ‘hide and seek’ with Russian hunter-killer ships for DAYS before air strikes on Syria:  SQ-RUSSIAN, SUBMARINE ACTIVITY OFF THE COASTS OF THE U.S WERE OFF THE CHARTS!  h/t Steve Quayle


IMF warns of ‘dark clouds looming’ as economic optimism ENDS



Macron backs off claim that he convinced Trump to keep troops in Syria


Japan PM Abe’s woes deepen as ratings drop, predecessor predicts resignation




Science, Technology and Health News

Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe as scientists get the go-ahead to use DNA-splicing therapy to treat blood disorder


First known epidemic of drug-resistant typhoid is spreading through Pakistan, infecting at least 850 people over the past two years – as doctors admit: ‘We’re out of options’


‘Scary’ lung disease now afflicts more women than men in U.S.



Syria:  Questioning the Narrative:

Wikileaks Secret Cable: “Over throw the Syrian Regime, But Play Nice with Russia”

Syria missile strikes: based on what evidence? 

‘He Went And Did It. Trump Bombed Syria Before Investigations Could Even Be Started’ –by K.Pickering

Caught in a Lie, US & Allies Bomb Syria the Night Before International Inspectors Arrive

Independent Swiss Lab Says ‘BZ Toxin’ Used In Skripal Poisoning; US/UK-Produced, Not Russian


Video:  “Top U.S. General Now Says Syria Attack Was Staged!!”








5 thoughts on “Daily News Links

  1. I see the Deep State / CIA has been hugely successful in their implementation of the whole FAKE NEWS meme. Did you see Lois Vogel Sharp’s latest vids? Yeshua is not pleased with Trump signing bill allotting funds to Planned Parenthood. Tonight I’m going to see The Apostle Paul movie – but watching the clips I was reminded that it’s nothing new to be persecuted by a corrupt antiChrist state and the apostles/ first believers counted it all joy as Paul said knowing that their reward was worth it.


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